Custom design for your events and occasions

Personal approach

Inkspired creates unique concepts for your wedding, the birth of your baby, your birthday or any other special occasion. Together, we will brainstorm and share inspiration for the invitations and other goodies to create the experience you dream of. Everything will be done according to your specific wishes. You tell us the style you want and we design it from scratch.


  1. Contact us. You can do so by filling out the contact form.
  2. Design consultation. We will set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss your project. This will give you a better feel for Inkspired and give Inkspired a clear picture of your needs. We will explore what we can do for you within the timeline and budget you have in mind, always taking into account your unique style and personality. The more information we receive, the better our vision will be for your design. Some clients already have an idea of how they want their design to look (we love shared Pinterest boards), but others can be overwhelmed by the many options. Our job is to guide you through this labyrinth. This meeting will give each of us an opportunity to get to know each other and ensure we make a good fit.
  3. Offer. We will provide an estimate of the project cost and a timeframe for completing your project based on the information received during our meeting. The estimate contains probable quantities and therefore is only an indication. The final cost will depend on the type of design, type of paper/material, size, quantity and production method. The timing depends on the complexity of the design, the production method, projects already booked and the time it takes to communicate your feedback.
  4. Design phase. Depending on the type and size of your project, an advance deposit may be requested before the start of the design phase. We rely on lots of dialogue to obtain the desired result. Our work is always carried out with your requests and feedback in mind.
  5. Digital proof. You will receive a digital proof of the design and you can approve it if everything is as you want it. If alterations, adjustments or alterations are needed, we will discuss them and adapt the designs. In the event there are substantial changes wanted that have a major impact on the general design, it is possible that we will request an extra fee.
  6. Production phase. After you approve the design, it will be readied for print and Inkspired will start the production process. We work with experienced printers, letterpresses and print artisans. If you are in the creative industry yourself, we can provide you with a print ready file. You can then proceed with the project on your own if that is what you wish.
  7. Finished product. If you chose to do the production through Inkspired, we will let you know by e-mail or by phone when your work is ready. Inkspired always asks for your permission to post your project online. We expect that you will be happy with the finished result, so please let us know if you are!

How long in advance should I contact you for my wedding invitations?

We never rush a project if it can be avoided. That way everybody is happy with the result. It is best to contact us as far in advance as is practical. Some periods are fully booked faster than others (for example wedding season, year-end parties, et cetera).

You can contact us as soon as you have a firm or even approximate date. Some guidelines are listed below for sending out wedding related mail:

- Save the dates: Four to eight months beforehand, even up to twelve months if you have guests coming from abroad or if you are having a destination wedding.

- Wedding invitations: At least six weeks before the wedding date. Two months is preferable. You can send out invitations earlier if you have guests coming from abroad or if you are having a destination wedding.

- Thank you cards: Two to four weeks after the wedding day or the honeymoon.

Please keep in mind that aside from the design phase, time is also needed for the production phase.
Turnaround time for letterpress is generally about ten working days. For digital printing there is a turnaround time of about five working days.

How long does it take to design a custom project?

This depends on the size and the complexity of the project, our availability and the time it takes to communicate feedback. Feel free to e-mail us for an idea of a timeline for your project.

What’s the cost of producing (printing) and designing a custom project?

That depends upon the size and complexity of the project, as well as the materials used, the techniques employed and the finishing. For example, if you would like to have letterpress invitations, the cost will be higher than digitally printed invitations. If you would like an invitation with a personalized illustration, the cost will be higher than an invitation consisting only of typefaces and graphic elements. On the other hand, the price can be made lower if we use a combination of several techniques, while still maintaining the overall look you desire. If you have a specified budget, let us know, and we will do our best to create something you will love within that budget. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to make an appointment.

I have a budget in mind; can you work within my budget?

When we have a specific budget, we will give you several options to choose from to ensure the lowest cost consistent with high quality. This may mean choosing a different cardstock, size, printing method, quantity or the number of colors et cetera. We do our utmost to obtain your desired style within your budget. 

I would like to use a particular printing method or a unique material.

Inkspired works with experienced printers, letterpresses and print artisans to make your design dreams come true. If you have an unconventional idea, we will do our utmost to make it come to live.

What is letterpress, how long does it take and what does it cost?

Letterpress is a printing method that has been around for centuries. It is still well appreciated today because of its artisanal look. This technique requires a fine eye for detail and precise measurement. Every card is fed manually into the machine, one at a time. Every color is mixed by hand. That is why you often see designs in one to three colors. A printing plate is made from a digital design. This plate is pressed into thick soft paper creating depth you can see and feel. This time-honored method of printing is a time consuming process. Therefore you have to allow about ten working days for your cards to be ready. For birth announcements turn around time can be a little shorter, about five working days.

The price of letterpress depends on several things, such as the design, number of colors, type of paper, size and quantity. Startup costs for letterpress is generally higher, but the greater the quantity, the lower the cost per card. Make sure you order enough, because if you need to order again, you will have to pay the startup cost again.

What’s the difference between offset and digital print? How long does it take to print?

Offset printing is one of the most used printing techniques. This is the method used for printing newspapers, magazines and most commercial printing. Offset printing is recommended for high quantities of printed material. For smaller runs, it is more economical to choose digital printing. While digital printing is not seen as a replacement for offset printing, it is a complementary alternative. In some situations offset printing is recommended, for example when Pantone colors are used or the colors need to be especially accurate.

Depending on the type of paper, it takes about five workdays to finish a product.

I have a tight deadline.

We take great pride in always meeting agreed upon deadlines. Please keep in mind that the production process (printing) cannot always be pushed forward. It could be that you will have to choose a different material or paper or even printing method to reach your deadline. A rush fee may be required for very close deadlines.

How long in advance should I contact you for the birth announcements of my baby?

We insist that there be enough time to ensure that every project has a happy result. So please contact us well in advance. Some periods are booked faster than others (for example wedding season, end of the year parties, et cetera). Depending on the size and complexity of the project you can contact us earlier, but for birth announcements, we recommend about three months before the due date.

Please keep in mind that aside from the design phase, there is also some time needed for production. Generally for letterpress, turnaround time is about 10 workdays. For digital printing there is a turnaround time of about five workdays. But for birth announcements we can get it a little faster, because it needs to get in the mail faster than other occasional print (for example wedding invitations).

What happens with my birth announcements once my baby is born?

On the day of birth you simply e-mail or text the missing information (date, weight, length, et cetera) and the name if you chose to not include it in the design yet. We will fill in the gaps and send you a digital file that is ready for print. We will initiate the printing process or if you prefer, you can do so yourself.

If you chose to print the announcement through Inkspired, we will let you know when your announcements are ready through e-mail or phone.

Please note that if your baby is born on the weekend or during a special holiday, printing cannot be started immediately.

Can you take care of the little extra’s that come with a birth announcement, such as the favors?

Apart from the printed birth announcement, we can also design packaging for the candy or design other favors such as buttons, magnets, stickers, bags, labels, envelopes, et cetera. If you have a great idea that hasn’t been previously mentioned, please let us know, we will do what we can to make it happen.

How much does it cost to send out my invitations/announcements by post?

That depends on the weight and size of the entire package you want to send. The postal clerks can calculate this for you. If you would like to make sure the envelopes have a standard shipping rate, we can discuss this before we begin designing your invitations/announcements.

I found a beautiful design on the internet; can you copy this with my content?

Inkspired prides itself on its unique tailor-made design concepts. That’s why we do not want to make copies of other designs. We respect the work of our fellow designers and the people that ordered those designs. But please let us know what attracts you to the design you found. We are sure we can make something you will love as much or hopefully even more.

What if I have to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time. But please keep in mind that you will be charged for the hours that were already put into it. If work has not commenced as yet, you won’t be charged. So if you must cancel, please do it as early as possible.

I can’t make it to your office during your office hours, can I come at another time?

My office hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 5 pm. I have established office hours because otherwise I wouldn’t stop working. My family and loved ones also deserve time and attention. Of course I will do my very best to respond to your questions and e-mails outside of the office hours. Please let me know when you could meet and we will try to find a solution that will suit us both.

I am pretty far from East Flanders. Can I still work with you?

Of course! We love face to face meetings. That is the best way I can get a true feel for your personality and unique style. But if you would like to set up a Skype meeting for example, feel free to contact us and we will arrange a meeting that suits our mutual needs.